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Licht Kunst Parcours
«Luft kontakt - Flut Kontakt»
Parcours lumière
Braunschweig / Germany
52°15'03,68" N - 2°24'27,83" O

Ville de Braunschweig 


Marion Faunières : Architecte co-concepteur

Dans le contexte d’actions de scénographies urbaines « parcours lumières », la proposition consiste en une intervention sur la Fallersleber Torbrücke, ouvrage d’art sophistiqué béton et acier en ventre de poisson du début du siècle. Compte tenu de l’extrême fragilité de l’ouvrage et de son maintien pour des raisons historiques, le ralentissement des tramways est accompagné par une diminution des éclairages à l’intérieur de la cabine, ce qui permet de percevoir la rivière.

Extrait du catalogue : LICHTKUSNTPARCOURS*, Braunschweig,

Hervé Regnauld, 2000.

Each piece of art draws is legitimation from its functioning only, thought it must be distinctly brought into accordance with its social and natural environment first. The point is not to show a completed monumental construction, but rather come to an exposure of material conditions that render a construction possible and pertinent. These Rennes based architects works are characterized by the discreteness of the forms and the economy of the structures. The intrusion upon the surrounding area is minimal. This fact is less a result of a fixed principle, but it’s rather the logical consequence of deep and intensive reflections. The more detailed and intensive they study a site, the richer seems the tremendous amount of details and relation between the objects, of presents forms, of stratified histories that they uncover. Also the most reasons they find to respect the place for what it is, charged with life and stories of people, as if it had an identity of its own, generated by a gradual accumulation of heterogeneous facts. Taking such a stand, the uniqueness of a place is not based upon a spectacular characteristic, but rather on making a revisualization of the forms and forces that set it alive perceptible. The artists intrusion certainly has to regard the customers target frame, but in no way any part of the existing genetic identity of the site should be abolished. The intrusion becomes « minimal », since it tries to maximize and reactivate the intrinsic nature of the site. It does not claim the right to change the inherited, it aims at the most simple and the most difficult at once : the creation of a new chance to find a home in our own history).

* artistes invités : Balthaus, Bartels, Barto+Barto, Böhme, Buren, Fisher, Hausig, Goulbier, Clairet, Katase, Kersalé, Kowanz, Kuball, Kubish, Kutscher, lavier, Lhermitte, Mattner, Mikolajczyk, Nanucci, Plessi, Shalev-Gerz, Stih, Schnock, Varini, Verjux.